Grow Your Business While Selling Your Vacant Listings

More Leads Means Your Listing Sells Faster too!

Would you purchase 10-15 active buyer leads for $99?  NterNow captures buyers as they drive by your vacant listing and stop to tour the home independently.  It also acts as a concierge, letting agents in for showings.  While buyers are delighted to view homes on-demand, you receive immediate, comprehensive information on the prospects so you can make informed follow-up calls to ask about their interest in the property and to build relationship.  NterNow creates opportunities for:

  • Selling your listing faster
  • Selling the prospect another home
  • Listing the prospect’s home for sale!

Your vacant listing stays secure with our patented system, which verifies prospects’ identities first before giving them a one-time-use code to let themselves in.  And once the current home is sold, our portable lock can simply be moved to another vacant home.  Instructions for installing the lock are easy to follow and included in the installation pouch.  And the staff is here to help you with any questions.  NterNow is significantly more secure and more prospect-friendly than any other agent/key/dial/button lockbox system available!

How it works:

  1. Install our patented 12-button locks on the front door of your spec homes and call to sync them
  2. Place the NterNow signage close to the street
  3. Drive-by prospects will call or use our app to start the process
  4. They will provide verifiable identity info and the property ID they are standing at
  5. They punch the unlocking code into the lock and turn the knob. They’re in!
  6. Since the lock code changes every 60 seconds and is unique for each home, the visitor cannot reuse the code to enter a second time without calling or using the app. The home remains secure!

More Facts:

  • Each lock is shipped with 4 signs:
  • A large lawn sign urging drive-bys “Why Wait? Tour Now!”
  • A front door sign with instructions on how to gain access
  • A sticker/sign to place on the inside of the door reminding visitors to close the door securely when they leave
  • A small sticker to cover any unfinished spot on the door left when removing the thumb latch
  • Prospects can gain access from 7 a.m. EST and dusk 365 days a year. Yes, people shop for homes on holidays.  Prospects who try to gain access other times are asked to return during daylight hours.
  • Prospects whose identity cannot be verified are encouraged to set an appointment to meet with your rep
  • Prospect information is immediately sent via text and/or email to your rep at the completion of the call. We go beyond name and number whenever possible to find out if the prospect is shopping alone or with family, already has an agent, how they found the house, and what features the prospect is looking for in a new home.

Why NterNow?

  • More leads, faster sales!
  • Less expensive then other lead purchasing sites/companies
  • Save time not having to run to a listing at a moment’s notice
  • Free lead management database
  • Receive instant alerts when a prospect visits your listing
  • Get more listings! Most prospects need to sell their current homes.
  • Feel safer meeting with pre-verified prospects