Come See Us At IBS Booth W5071
January 7, 2018

IBS is This Week – Come see us! Want a demo of NterNow’s secure access system that accelerates sales of …

“Capturing Drive-By Prospects: Why, When and How”-White Paper
November 17, 2017

Changes in the process of shopping for a new home is calling for builders to change their sales strategy. More …

Hard-To-Sell Homes Dragging Down Your Bottom Line?
September 15, 2017

GO FISHING! Fishing is an art form which calls for the right type of rods and reels, attractive bait/lure and …

Fess Up— You’re Still Offering Realtor Bonuses on Hard-To-Sell Homes…
September 7, 2017

In selling close-outs and other hard-to-sell homes, are you offering Realtors: O Super-sized commissions? O Trips, goodies, or even cars? …

#6 Takeaway from BDX Summit
July 21, 2017

BDX’s Tim Costello made so many great points about the fast pace of change in our digital world when on …

#5 Takeaway from BDX Summit
July 19, 2017

Helpful data was presented by Peter Brumme of BDX and then embellishments added by NterNow: First, in real estate, why …

#4 Takeaway from BDX Summit
July 17, 2017

John Quintoni of The Ritz-Carlton billed his company as the leading hospitality company in the world. Surprisingly, this company with …

#3 Takeaway from BDX Summit
July 13, 2017

BOKKA Group’s 2015-16 Homebuyer Conversion Report, which was handed out at the Summit, provides insights on homebuyer digital behaviors and how …

#2 Takeaway from BDX Summit
June 8, 2017

Welcome to the Age of ReThink Ever arrive home after a long day to see a yellow UPS slip stuck …

1 of 10 Takeaways from BDX Summit
May 23, 2017

DCX 2017 delivered on its billing – Transforming the Digital Customer Experience for home builders.  This future-thinking conference explored the …